Loopy me

I'm half-loopy from Vicodin, sitting here waiting for my husband to return home from work (where he's supposed to be taking a midterm righ tnow - oops) to cart me off to the outpatient surgery center of our local hospital to have my ney stones removed. It's been over two weeks since I was first struck with the pain that alerted me to their presence, and despite my best efforts to drink like a camel, they did not pass on their own. The larger one, which is lodged in the tube connecting my left ney to my bladder, is the painful one, and it's been acting up since Saturday. It actually seems, based on the location of the pain, that the stone is trying to free itself, but it still hasn't passed, and the pain is becoming debilitating (eg it is requiring narcotic pain medication that keeps me from functioning!) So, after an emergency visit to my urologist yesterday for a shot of Toradol, I was scheduled for surgery today.

There is no cutting involved - this surgery is done via a catheter-type setup that uses a camera to visualize the stone and the internal anatomy - so the recovery is minimal. There will be a stent left in place, though, so I will be uncomfortable until it is removed in a few days, and I will be laid up because of the pain. (Thank goodness we weren't planning a big Thanksgiving celebration this year!) The surgery does require general anesthesia, though, so it is "major", technically. (Here's hoping it's minor.)

I'll update when I can. Forgive me in advance for the narcotic-induced nonsense I may generate!

The Shame of Santa Anna

I waited for over an hour late Monday night, at my usual bus stop, on Bristol at McFadden, in Santa Ana, wondering why 2 busses were running late in my direction, and why 2 busses had not passed heading in the opposite direction.

When the bus finally arrived I got my answer, and when I got home at 1230am this morning, and read the OC Register Online I grew angry, and embarrassed, for my hometown of the last 8 months, and for the county.

Santa Ana is the County Seat for Orange County.

Santa Ana has the largest Hispanic population of any city in the county, and hence the largest population of Illegals.

Santa Ana has a lot of positives, some provided by the legal Hispanic Community in its midst, and I plan on getting out and about to explore my new city as the year progresses.

As we all know 500,000 people, including thousands of illegals, peacefully marched in dowtown Los Angeles the other day, most prancing around waving flags of the countries they came here from, and not the American Flag.

Today, all across Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County, thousands of Hispanic Middle Schoolers, and High Schoolers, emboldened by the actions of the Adults, and no doubt encouraged by their elders, and by Activists with an agenda willing to use these despite the risks to them, marched in the streets instead of hitting the text books.

Earlier today I had watched the news, in disgust, as some in LA got rowdy on their marches, not realizing that 3,000 students were hitting the streets in Santa Ana, and embarrasing themselves, and their schools, and city.

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